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Business Owners Accountability Groups

Business Owners Accountability Groups are for members of CBL owning their own business.  Group size is typically 6-8 to allow for the level of in-depth focus on each member’s business.

“The Accountability group has been a great support, particularly in being able to talk through business issues with fellow Christian business owners; it has really helped me make key decisions, benefiting from other people’s experience – I would not want to miss it now.” – Tim – business owner

“I have received much encouragement from the Accountability group members, through advice and prayer, which has helped me both develop my business and also overcome personal challenges; I thoroughly recommend joining an Accountability group if you are given the opportunity ” – Gary – self-employed business adviser

“The Accountability group has challenged us to analyse our business in a manner that we would otherwise not have done. This has enabled me to share ideas and suggestions with my non-Christian fellow Directors, which in turn has really helped us to focus on our core strategies – Mark, a Director in a small partnership


To provide:

  • a confidential Support Groups in which to discuss and explore ethical, moral, employment and financial matters that may give rise to potential conflict with Biblical values and principles.
  • a ‘safe place’ in which to discuss strategic business and employment issues.
  • time and priority for prayer for specific needs.
  • an opportunity to develop close and supportive relationships between group members.
  • affirmation of God’s call to the workplace and mutual support to explore how this can and is outworked through each member of the Support Groups; encouragement to undertake business on Christian principles.
  • encouragement towards quality time planning with families, to help achieve a balance of family and work life.
  • to encourage one an other to build businesses on Christian Principles
  • to learn business best practice from one another and from external speakers and published material
  • to hold one another accountable for business and spiritual development.
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