Resources (Presentations)

Presentations in 2018

A presentation at Cotswold Group 16th February by Harvey Leach Everything I learned about a Christian approach to business I got from the Japanese! how to be a Servant Leader

Presentations in 2017

A presentation at Oxford Group 13th December by Marjory Mair A Gift for You Christmas Thoughts

A presentation at Oxford Group 8th November by Tim Lazenby Is your business on the rocks or sinking sand? be prepared for Brexit and GDPR

A presentation at Oxford Group September by Jez Fernandez on Marketing for Small Businesses

A presentation from Tim Lazenby at Stow Group on 20th January How to protect your business from threats in 2017

Presentations in 2016

Click on this resource for the Oxford meeting in February 2016 CBL -Possible-Resources

A presentation from Harvey Leach on Planning at Oxford Group on 9th November 2016 CBL-Planning

Click here for the April 13th presentation of 2016 Europartners review by Neil Passingham

My Story

Listen to  John Tranters Journey Dec 12 “My Story” from corporate sector to charity and Church work.

Video of Gary Carr’s Journey Dec 13 “My Story” from an Accountant in Uganda to African Charity work with Five Talents.

Reaching new clients

A presentation by Peter Lombardelli on Opening Doors (slides) to new clients

Business Excellence

Ethical Leadership Presentation – Val King – CBL Oxford

Notes-on- Ethical-Leadership-12th-Feb – Val King

Measuring Performance Slides. CBL Stow – Paul Valler

“I found Paul Valler’s talk on Measuring performance very insightful.  It was definitely one of the best mornings from a business perspective that I have had for a long while
Mark Cadbury – Business Coach – Action Coach

Mission Statements – Ian Smith

What do mission statements say about a company? Do you have a personal mission statement?

Finance & Giving

Biblical principals of Giving – Mark Lloydbottom

Finance for non Financial Managers – James Shand

Community Healthcare in India (REACH) – Martin Morse

God at Work (HTB)

Work Matters– Theology of Work – Ian Smith

Ambition And Life Choices – Jamie Mitchell

Tough Decisions – Charles Zealey

Stress and Work Life Balance – James Shand

Failure Disappointment and Hope – Jamie Mitchell

Money and Giving – Charles Zealey

Human Resources

Building-and-Managing-Relationships – Paul Valler June 2015

Health and Safety at Work – Peter Steddon

Business Success via People – Susan Popoola

How can we help People whose jobs are made Redundant? – Peter Steddon

Information Technology

IT Security – Tim Lazenby

Competitive Advantage from Information Technology – Charles Zealey


Selling with Integrity – Jamie Mitchell


CBL-14-05-14-Europartners-review – Harvey Leach

Making networks work for you – social capital in collaborative enterprise – Mark Oxbrow


Planning with a Purpose – Ian Smith

Witness at Work

Witness in the Workplace – Jamie Mitchell


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