Being  a business leader can be a lonely place and even more so if you are a Christian, so when the opportunity came to form a networking group, to build up relationships to support and encourage one another in applying Biblical principles to our businesses, we went for it!

When we started our first group in Oxford in April 2006, we were encouraged by Peter Briscoe from Crown Ministries who introduced us to the “Business by the Book”  DVD series.  This professionally produced DVD series examines what the Bible has to say about specific business topics such as Human Resources, Finance or Marketing.  Our current breakfast format started by watching one of the Business by the Book (ie. the Bible) 30 minute DVDs, then discussing the key questions raised in smaller groups.  Following the success of the Oxford group, the Stow group was launched in 2007, based on the same meeting format.

Once the main groups became established we formed smaller support groups, where Christian Business Leaders committed to meeting together monthly, to pray and work through business challenges. These Support Groups have been great for supporting and encouraging Christians to take advice, make better business decisions and to consider what action would honour God in any situation.

We currently have 5 CBL groups meeting up monthly, where we have a good mixture of Biblical teaching on business leadership topics, support and encouragement and crucially prayer.  It has been great to see business leaders survive hard times and emerge stronger, and some others even returning to their faith as a result of attending CBL groups.

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